About Us


Ted Nelson has proudly served delicious meals to connoisseurs in the Montrose, Colorado area for decades.  In April 2012, Ted renovated and remodeled his new location at 103 Rose Lane, Montrose, CO.

A note from Ted Nelson:

I began working in the hospitality field in 1962. It has been a wonderful experience both in providing me an opportunity to raise my family and to see the range of dynamics that have occurred in this field over the past 50 years.

Plate presentation, chains, fast food, the year round availability of products from across the ocean and from all over the world have contributed to make customers more knowledgeable and savvy. It has also given restaurants the opportunity to create experiences that bring customers back on a regular basis. This brings me to state that the only reason we exist is to serve our customers, and yes, we love it when you to come back again and again.

The process of building an organization does not happen quickly or overnight. This is the fourth restaurant I’ve owned in the area. I invite you to join us the next time you consider dining out. Please allow us to serve you a great meal in the beautiful environment of Montrose, Colorado, at an exceptional price.

Thank you!

– Ted Nelson

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Feel free to contact us or make reservations by calling (970) 252 – 0262.