Desserts / Wine Specials 11/23 – 12/04

Lemon Raspberry Cake $3 
Vanilla cake layered with raspberry preserves, vanilla mousse, lemon curd and frosted with whipped cream – cream cheese frosting!

Black Bottom Coconut Cream Pie $4
Pastry crust layered with a rich chocolate fudge, coconut custard, whipped cream and toasted coconut! 

WINES:  This Week Ted is Featuring:

RED: Louis M. Martini: Cabernet Sauvignon  $10 per glass – $26 per bottle
A superbly balanced cab with rich complex layers of fresh ripe black cherry, currant and spice for a beautifully structured wine!

WHITE: Twisted:  Pinot Grigio  $7 per glass – $20 per bottle
This crisp white wine sparkles with bright Meyer lemon drops, pear, yellow apple, and subtle hints of cinnamon spice.