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Dinner Special 08/31/ – 09/05/15

Surf and Turf  $25
An 8-ounce New York + 2 golden fried shrimp = a perfect 10!

Dinner specials 08/24 – 08/29/15

Short Rib Roast  $15
Slow cooked in beef stock and red wine for an ultimate comfort food experience!

Seafood Cannelloni  $20
Crab, shrimp, lobster, scallops, spinach and mushrooms baked in pasta and topped with a white cognac cream sauce.

Dinner Specials 08/17 – 08/22/2015

Creamy Chicken & Rigatoni  $16
A rich cream sauce envelopes chunks of chicken, broccoli, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and rigatoni along with a dash of herbs and seasoning.

Bruschetta Port Loin  $18
We lightly bread and pan-fry this pork tenderloin-chop and top it with a mix of fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic!

Dinner Specials 08/10 – 08/15/15

Piña Colada Chicken  $17
Grilled chicken breast with a decadent sauce made with cream of coconut and chunks of fresh pineapple.

Spaghetti & Meatballs  $13
Al dente spaghetti topped with our meatballs and marinara!

Dinner Specials 08/03/15 – 08/08/15

Chicken Fried Chicken  $16
A juicy chicken breast, slightly tenderized, hand battered then golden pan-fried and crowned with our rich gravy.

Colorado Lamb Chops  $26
Premium Colorado lamb chops grilled to your specification. Simply perfect! 

Dinner Specials 07/27 – 08/01/15

Chicken Lasagna  $14
Super creamy, super cheesy layers of chicken, cheese, pasta and sun-dried tomatoes in a rich alfredo cream sauce.

Apricot Glazed Pork Kebobs  $16
Chunks of pork tenderloin, onion, peppers, mushrooms and pineapple brushed with apricot glaze as they grill.

Dinner Specials 07/20 – 07/25/15

BBQ Kebobs  $18
Choose 2 chicken, 2 beef, or one of each!  Chunks of meat skewered and grilled with bell peppers, mushrooms and onions – brushed with our barbeque sauce.

Baked Halibut  $20
Baked halibut with basil, tomato, capers, garlic & lime juice.

Dinner Specials 07/13 – 07/18/2015

Surf & Turf  $24
Grilled New York Steak & Lightly Seasoned/Sautéed Scallops

Fresh Sole  $18
The delicate flavor of this sole is balanced in a garlic butter sauté.   Fresh, simple, and perfect!

Dinner Specials 07/06 – 07/11/2015

Stuffed Pork Chop  $22
Stuffed with ham, bleu cheese, garlic and chives, pan-seared then baked this pork chop is then plated with an amazing brandy cream sauce.

Scallop Stir-Fry  $24
We sprinkle just a little seasoning on these scallops then grill and serve atop stir-fried seasonal veggie with wild rice on the side.

Dinner Specials 06/22 – 06/27/2015

Chicken Parmigiana  $17
Lightly breaded chicken breast sautéed and served with pasta and marinara.  Delicious!

Colorado Lamb Chops  $26
Premium Colorado lamb chops grilled to your specification. Simply perfect!

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